It's Time For A Brand New Move!!!

Are you sick of trying diet after diet and never getting the results you desire?

Have you had it with spending your hard earned cash on pills, powders, and high priced packaged foods only to be left starving and broke?

Then, You’ve got to read my latest book titled, Fat Chick to Cover Model, where you learn the strategies to finally kick your excess fat to the curb!

How is my book different than all the other thousands of weight loss books on the market? Because most books on the market are written by people WHO HAVE NEVER HAD TO LOSE WEIGHT BEFORE!!!

That’s right!! Most weight loss books on the bookshelves today are written by doctors who basically tell you the same information you ALL READY KNOW!! They package up the same old advice that you’ve already tried which has left you still seeking something more. That’s because they don’t know what it is like to be hungry all the time, or to crave sugar and carbohydrates 24/7.

Most of them don’t even exercise, so they don’t know what it REALLY takes to shed those stubborn pounds.

What you need to have is REAL WEIGHT LOSS STRATEGIES THAT WORK! If you follow my advice that I learned from a real Celebrity Fitness trainer, you will finally get the body you have always dreamed of.

Why this time? Because, what the weight loss industry doesn’t know is that being successful takes sound advice, real solutions, and something more…a person who will coach you! That’s right…I want to be your WEIGHT LOSS COACH!

In my book, I COACH you by explaining…
  • How and what to eat to help you burn fat fast!

  • The best exercises to get the maximum results!

  • Mind Power strategies never before revealed!

  • Proven methods and secrets only the celebrity fitness world knows and they are not sharing with the general public.

LET ME BE YOUR WEIGHT LOSS COACH! Let me help you get the results you want FAST, EFFECTIVELY, and WITHOUT HUNGER or FATIGUE like all the other diets you’ve tried before.

You need me as your weight loss coach because I have been where you are now…overweight, miserable, and desperate to get the weight off for good!

I lost the weight and I am keeping if off!  Does this sound too good to be true?  Well, it is TRUE and it is GOOD!

But, how do you know this is finally the answer? How do you know if you REALLY need a weight loss coach to help you lose the weight for good and if my book, Fat Chick to Cover Model will help you?


  • Do you find yourself starting diets and never finishing them?

  • Is it hard to get and stay motivated while on a diet and fitness program?

  • Do you give up easily or come up with excuse after excuse to avoid doing what you know you have to do to reach your weight loss goal?

  • Are you finding it more difficult with each attempt at losing weight to be successful?

  • Does food seem to have control over you instead of you being in control over food?

  • Do you find that you do better when there is accountability?

If you answered yes to 3 or more of the above questions, then you are in need of my book, Fat Chick to Cover Model and me as your personal weight loss coach. 

You also need a weight loss coach because it is an effective way to finally take control over the barriers that have kept you from achieving your dream of weight loss success.

For years, I struggled to lose weight. I tried diet after diet with little success and was left with more weight to lose after each failed attempt.

It wasn’t until I learned REAL weight loss SECRETS from one of the TOP FITNESS CELEBRITY TRAINERS, that I found REAL success and I want to share these success secrets with you!

I was overweight, miserable, and far from Sexy, but I transformed my body, self-image and now I am fit, healthy, slim, and energized! I have confidence, and true personal power and you can too!

With my coaching through my book, Fat Chick to Cover Model, you will…

  • Learn how to use Personal Power vs. Willpower!

  • Gain exciting new tools to keep you motivated and excited about losing weight!

  • Receive daily supportive contact from someone who has been there and done that!

  • Discover strategies that will help you lose weight and change your life!

Are Diet and Fitness Plans Alike?

There are so many diet and fitness plans on the market today that it can become down right confusing. In my book I explain how to structure a plan that is just right for you based on your needs and diet preferences, but most importantly, what REALLY WORKS to help you lose weight.

Is Exercise and Proper Nutrition the Only Way to Lose Weight?

Exercise and proper nutrition for optimal weight loss is important and effective. It is the only way to ensure that you will gain good health and effective weight loss. However, there is more to know!

The Little Known Secrets…

There are little known secrets that can literally help melt fat off your stomach, arms, butt, thighs, and man boobs if you’re a guy!
You won’t find these secrets in most weight loss books because many of the authors don’t know them, and if they do, they won’t tell you. Why? Because they want you to keep buying their books!

SO ARE YOU READY FOR REAL WEIGHT LOSS FAST? SO Fast your friends will be jealous??

Read the following testimonials:

Hello Kamille,
I am so excited with my new life. It’s wonderful to feel fit while traveling. It’s nice not to have extra body hanging around getting in the way. IT’S WONDERFUL and I am so grateful to you for sharing that day on Facebook. It’s a miracle the timing and everything. I AM TELLING YOU THAT I LOVE YOU SO MUCH FOR WHAT YOU HAVE SHARED WITH ME> YOU MAKE IT INTO MY PRAYERS, AS I AM SO GRATEFUL FOR YOUR GENEROSITY IN SHARING YOUR EXPERIENCE>
~Fatimah, Saudi Arabia

Dear Kamille,
I was 35 pounds overweight and feeling the hopelessness beginning to creep back over me.  Even though I knew what to do, no matter what - I couldn't get it off. Yesterday morning I went through my closet to try on my jeans that have been hanging there for over two years.  To my astonishment, most of them didn't fit because they were TOO BIG! Oh, my gosh, I couldn’t' believe it! I've been waiting for the time, and praying for the solution that would enable me to loose the weight, regain my confidence and joy.  The extra weight had taken a part of myself away from me, but it's all coming back now! I'm so grateful for your expertise and compassionate support in coaching me. So, thank you again and forever for this marvelous protocol - it's truly changing my LIFE!
With warmest regards,
~Eliyah, Pebble Beach, California



Purchase, FAT CHICK TO COVER MODEL and begin your new life today!!


Are you sick of trying diet after diet and never getting the results you desire?

Have you had it with spending your hard earned cash on pills, powders, and high priced packaged foods only to be left starving and broke?

Then, You’ve got to read my latest book, titled, FAT CHICK TO COVER MODEL where you learn the strategies to finally kick your excess FAT to the curb!


I finally found my true home in sunny southern Florida and I love it! I made a massive life change from my dark NW rainy school teacher life to hanging out at the beach, driving my BMW and loving life!


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